Despite Sahiwal murder, Imran Khan rushes to Qatar for riba loans & to Secure US Masters after pressurising Afghan #Taliban through raids

Sahiwal | Pak public news

All democratic&military govs sided with US WoT, this led to police state resulting in selling people for $, missingpersons, Dr. Aafia, powers to CTD, ATC, all to serve US WoT. rules are then used to further selfish agendas /crimes.End Man made rule/democracy. Khilafah4Pakistan

Note that the Senator talks about the success of these talks would result in a strategic relationship versus a military op in #Afghanistan ie.

The US will get the US puppets Afghan gov And India its regional partner to continue building training afghan and afghan army, and the private military contractors to do its job.
As for free trade.. This is a bribe.. And not even Guaranteed besides its a way of making Pakistan dependent on the U.S.. Even more.

The IMF as he talks of are a tool of the U.S… It is a complete lie to say we are independent of the US when we are tied to the dollar, take loans from IMF with US conditions &terms, & we do more for US and help it by saving it from outright defeat, exhaustion & retreat in Afghanistan and by setting up & backing the US strategic plan for the region for which Graham was sooo happy about.

Imagine a modern day East India company

But this time under the cover of IMF, US trade, puppet rulers, private military contractors, US embassy as overwatch, 13000 CIA, and Indian presence on east And north /west of Pakistan


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