PM Imran Khan Adopts Capitalist Notion of Population Control


ImranKhanPTI Adopts Capitalist Notion of Population Control, which aims to hide the failure of economic policies in relation to production and distribution of wealth by blaming the people.

No NayaPakistan , no Madina State under UturnKhan who does not refer to Islam regarding population control.

Khan Adopts Capitalist Notion of Population Control

In this he is no different to the previous corrupt governments who entertained the same ideas…instead of turning to islam and the Khilfah which aims to increase production and distribute it.

Whereas Capitalist policies privatise wealth and production, as well as increase its concentration in the hands of the few, putting the burden and suffering on the Population as can be seen. the solution is to get rid of capitalist policies and adopt Islam under the Khilafah

Decreasing population goes against the hadith of Muhammad (saw) that encourages the Ummah to have many kids. As well as the ayat of Allah (swt) that tells us to not worry about not restricting the number of kids because every persons rizk is fixed.


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