Recognize Israel and Pakistan | Israel and Pakistan can never be allies Why


Aasima Qadeer ne Assembly mai Israel ko ko tasleem Karne ki qarardad pesh ki

(That is the question about Israel)

Do you know that the Arab nations who fought 4 wars with Israel and lost thousands of their men in battles, have diplomatically accepted Israel? Even the Palestinians, whose lands are being occupied by the Israelis, have accepted the political existence of the state of Israel. But wait. I am still not saying that Pakistan should accept Israel just because Arabs have done it. All I want to say is that we should at least have very sound political and economic reasons for not accepting them. Our decision in this regard should be based solely on the interests of 210 million Pakistani people. We should, first and foremost, consider what is good for us as a nation. Not what is good for the Palestinians or what is good for the Arabs or what is good for the Israelis. Interests of all other entities should be secondary to our interests.

And for those who say that by accepting Israel Pakistan will abandon the Palestinian cause, I want to ask them that today what benefits Palestinians have, due to our diplomatic rejection of Israel? Or what political influence do we have on Israel through which we can do something for the Palestinians? Because according to common sense, in order to exercise any influence on some nation, you should at least have that influence in the first place. And such influence only comes from political and economic engagement. That’s why our non-acceptance since last 70 years have had no effects on either the Palestinians or the Israelis. But one statement from Erdogan causes severe worries for Netanyahu. Displeasure in Cairo or Amman sends a powerful message to Tel Aviv. Why? Because Israel has something lose from these nations. What it has got to lose from us? Nothing!

~ Shuja


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