The Bajwa-Imran regime continues DOING MORE through arranging talks to legitimize US presence


DO MORE! like the Raheel-Nawaz regime did more for the US War of Terror.the Bajwa-Imran regime continues DOING MORE through arranging talks to legitimize US presence SayNo To Trump, Pakistan, PakArmy, ImranKhan

imran khan, bajwa and donald trump

Trump humiliates pliant subservient Pakistani rulers by downgrading them to the level of an envoy. To add insult to injury, Zalmay Khalilzad, is a known anti-Pakistan hawk.

The US has long been desperate to engage the resisting Afghan factions by bringing them to the negotiating table and getting them to compromise and back off. Even though its been the US longest war without success, with upto 150000 troops+ contractors, intelligence, and technology it has desperately wanted Pakistan to help. In accordance with this, the “New Pakistan” rulers are going to do more and are presenting the negotiating policy as their own strategy to cover their treachery.

Pakistan’s rulers confirm their loyalty to America by supporting the so-called Afghan reconciliation process, whilst fooling the masses, lying to them that they are anti US and claiming they have turned to China, the real policy remains the same as it has under previous corrupt governments.

Air & Land supply routes continue, 13000 + CIA, contractors operate in Pakistan like the Raymond Davis.. allowing them to gather intelligence on sites and grow terrorists organisation to keep Pakistan in fighting.

The US open plan for it & India’s presence in Afghanistan is to be a counter to China and have access to Central Asian resources for it and India.

The US has stated its aim is to build India as a regional power. It has already married the Afghan gov with India, and by pushing peace with Pakistans help it will aim to kill off resistance to the US by bringing tali ban to the table.

This is for Pakistan a bullet to the head, first losing strategic depth, helping Kuffar to fight muslims and now consolidating the US and therefore India in Afghanistan while hamstringing / crippling the resistance.

Maintaining the US presence through talks will only keep the doors of Afghanistan to Indian RAW and Khulbashan Yahdev network wide open and have enemies on our western border as well.



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